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Welcome to a world where you and your family can enjoy exclusive experiences, whenever and wherever you wish to.

While we are sure you enjoy the one week holiday you take at our resort every year, with Club M Select you can make the rest of the year equally exciting for you and your family.

  • Indulge your family with a dinner at some of the best restaurants in India
  • Go on the cruise you have always dreamed about
  • Choose to go on an international holiday at over 4 lakh hotels and resorts

As a Club M Select member, you are assured of attractive discounts on all the activities listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book services for my friends and family as well?

Yes, you can book them, subject to the offerings’ terms and conditions.

Is there any day/time restriction for using Club M Select's services?

Club M Select's services can be used on any day, at any time.

How well in advance should I book the offerings?

Depends on the availability, which can be checked at the time of booking.

Can I transfer this membership?

A Club M Select membership is a privilege meant for you alone and cannot be transferred.

What is the tenure of my membership?

Club M Select membership is valid for one year. Post expiry, you need to pay the annual membership Fees.